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Why Portable Projectors Are Good for Presentations Anywhere


The Projector Wow Factor – Office Powerpoint to Google Slides and Beyond

You have confidence in your ideas and work and seek to impress your clients or students. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! And impressing people sure works better (plus more honestly and in greater detail) on a big, bright display. Less so on a crowded laptop or tablet screen. It’s also neater and healthier since with a mini portable projector everyone takes in your presentation at once rather than passing a small display among the group, which isn’t the best solution these days, and was always time consuming.

Since good portable projectors easily hook up to your laptop or other smart devices, projecting PowerPoint files and Google Slides is a breeze. Be it a coffee shop or a convention center rest area, your portable projector offers everything you need to create impressive, dynamic, and memorable presentations on the spot. It’s simply the best way to visualize your ideas and make sure your audience experiences what you have to say in the best format possible.

Great for a Wide Range of Occupations

Sales people are another demographic that tends to visit customers onsite and therefore stands to gain a lot from a good portable projector. Imagine dazzling clients with a literally eye-popping presentation where every stat and number stand out in crisp detail. So much better than trying to explain things off a 13” laptop screen, don’t you think?

Startups and young independent agencies looking to make an impressive entry likewise should consider a portable projector. Not only will your presentations look more convincing and impressive, but by showing that you’re prepared and not dependent on the IT resources of clients, you establish yourself as having initiative and foresight. Customers love contractors that take care of technical details, and what better way to introduce yourself than being the one that didn’t wait for the client to fuss with the local projection system for ten minutes.

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