About Us

Our Philosophy

The founding team at Advanced Projector Technologies promotes a philosophy of integrity and dedication to deliver the highest quality products and services available by supporting the individual needs of each and every customer. By prioritizing our clients needs, we deliver top tier support and develop technology that surpasses expectations.

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to innovate and develop the highest standard of projector solutions available in order to improve the quality of our clients lives professionally and personally.

Our Products

Our expertise is improving upon tried and tested concepts. Our product lines were created with our customer needs in mind. Not only have we surpassed the current available offerings, but we are able to streamline our technology production in order to keep our products affordable while maintaining the highest quality.

We at Advanced Projector Technologies are a team of innovative engineers and product designers dedicated to creating the highest quality mobile projectors for both business presentations and personal entertainment. Our mission is to create state of the art technology that delivers a mobile viewing experience unparalleled to anything else on the market.

APT provides white-glove service and support for all our products and places customer satisfaction as the highest priority. We are confident that our unique designs and products will leave our customers not only genuinely impressed but wishing they discovered our innovations earlier.

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