The Importance of Audio-Visual Systems for Businesses

  Messages Can Be Delivered Imagine running a team of 20+ personnel. Clear communication is a must to have your message expressed and understood. If you have high-quality speakers, mounted displays with a clean-cut picture, and perfect lighting as part of your conference room setup, then you’ll be able to attract the attention of your

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Why Portable Projectors Are Good for Presentations Anywhere

  The Projector Wow Factor – Office Powerpoint to Google Slides and Beyond You have confidence in your ideas and work and seek to impress your clients or students. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! And impressing people sure works better (plus more honestly and in greater detail) on a big, bright display. Less so on

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3 Ways Projectors Boost Your Business Productivity

  Business isn’t just about endlessly crunching numbers and ‘keep your head down’ solo work. The modern workplace is taking advantage of technology to get the best from employees and visitors alike and it’s doing this by bringing people together. Projectors are still playing a key role in this but they’re not always the first

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Why You Could Benefit From A Portable Projector Screen

  For many of us in business and education, projectors form a vital part of our daily life. They help us educate, enlighten and share, whether that’s in the boardroom or the classroom. Available in a wide variety of models which offer a huge degree of flexibility, projectors can be installed almost anywhere. Regardless of

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5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Projector

  Projectors are also no longer the one-sided presentation tool they used to be. Many of today’s projectors can connect wirelessly to the internet or allow multiple people to interact with the screen at once. Given these advanced capabilities, projectors are becoming an increasingly critical business technology investment. Here are some examples of when to use a

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